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4October 2018

High-paying jobs you can get in tech without a college degree

Let’s face it, having a college degree provides no guarantee that you will land a high-paying job in the tech industry. Many college grads find themselves out of school with built-up loans and with a job completely unrelated to their field of study. Luckily, many companies are moving away from the strict degree requirement and placing more importance on the relevant experience that the candidate has.

If you didn’t get a degree, or it’s unrelated to your desired career, there is plenty of opportunities to make your mark. This is the perfect time to improve your resume and find out where you can land the best gig.

If you’re interested in getting additional training or going to trade school, make sure you research how it’s going to directly impact your opportunities and value. Take into consideration the required time for training and time to gain the experience necessary to make the money you want to earn. It’s important that you research whether or not additional schooling is going to increase your value or open doors to new opportunities.

Let us take a look at some career alternatives that you may not realize are both high-paying and don’t require a college degree. There are new emerging careers and as a result of both the economy and technology as a result of both the economy and technology that are proving to be very lucrative and show substantial growth prediction. As long as you have the skills to do the jobs at hand, more companies are paying less attention to where you got those skills and if they come with a bachelor’s degree.

Here are some tech jobs with great salaries and career growth — without the need for a four-year degree.*

· UI/UX Designer

· IT Manager

· DеvOрѕ engineer

· Software Engineer

· Website Designer

· Product mаnаgеr

· 3D Animator

· Network Systems Administrator

While the above list isn’t all-encompassing, it provides a framework for the types of jobs in tech that don’t require a college degree. It’s important that you take into account your experience and skills, desired career path and type of work, and research what opportunities are available to you!

For those in need of some inspiration, there are numerous publications online about people without college degrees who move onto becoming high earners in the technology industry.

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*Note — some of these jobs may require a specific trade degree


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