people first.

It started with a question. Are we living up to the promise of open source in our places of work? We then took a step back to look with fresh unafraid eyes at all the experiences that the average person passes through in a career. From the very first resume submission through the decision to retire. And it was instantly clear that new ideas were needed.

So we’ve discarded the traditional methods that view people like simple assets and devoted ourselves instead to finding, creating and evangelizing unique people-centric innovations. Ideas for exceptional individuals and organizations willing to be unconventional. We dug deep and created the WERKLABS.

evolved ideas.

Great companies want great people. Great people want to do great work and be in a great environment. And everyone involved wants to be the best version of themselves.

about us.

WERKLABS is a virtual organization with team members throughout North America. The best way to describe us is as a collection of talent experts, disruptors and free thinkers. We are obsessed with finding new ways to create and enhance the professional human interactions that govern so much of our lives.

We are an angel funded venture that evangelizes ways to transform the relationships between great ventures and the amazing talent of our industry. Our passions are lean, agile, disruptive, holacratic, innovative and anything but conventional. But what really drives us is unleashing the most important part of any effort. The people.

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